MyFitnessPal ~ My New Friend…A review

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So if you’ve been following my blog, you will have read about me using MyFitnessPal. In the past, I’ve used other various nutritional trackers like the ADA endorsed (Shift eyes from side to side looking for Big Brother), Livestrong’s  TheDailyPlate for tracking my caloric/nutritional intake for my health classes. I had never used one to track my weight loss.

I have been using MyFitnessPal for about a week and I have to say that I’m impressed with how MyFitnessPal is setup. The program recalibrates the nutrients for every entry of weight loss. For instance I started at 245 pounds, at the time the program calculated the I needed 56 (g) grams of protein. As I continued to record my weight loss, my daily nutritional details recalibrated my protein needs to 48 (g). This helps prevent my metabolism from plateauing from having too much on any one nutrient, thus halting weigh loss. The site also records your exercise and is taken into account on your daily nutrient details, I earn back calories and nutrients to help maintain a health metabolism.

The site has a BMR, BMI, heart calculator. You have the ability to post badges and tickers on your blog that track your weight loss, you can join communities to increase the accountability factor and get support for others on the journey to a healthier weight. Gee, I didn’t really need to start this blog. Just  kidding. MyfitnessPal can be downloaded you an iPad, iPhone, Android or blackberry. As if, electronics weren’t enough of a leash, now you’re accountable to your iPhone for your caloric intake. For those of us, like me, who have fallen off the weight loss wagon often enough that we relate to Pigpen’s dust cloud. MyFitnessPal, is a Pal.


My Grandma’s Dietetics

I was looking through my bookshelves and realized I have never had the chance to read through this book; Dietetics for the Clinician.  It was passed on to me when my grandfather had passed in late 2008. Since then, it has sat on my shelve next to all the other cookbooks I inherited from my grandmother, along with her prized Heloise’s Housekeeping Hint.

Anyway, I thought is would be fun to randomly peruse through the tome and compare her dietetics to modern-day and see if anything has changed. So her’s the bibliographic information on this text:

Dietetics for the Clinician, Milton Arlanden Bridges, BS, M.D., F.A.C.P.,  Third Edition, Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia. Copyright 1937.
I did some research on Dr. Bridges and as it turns out he was in the middle of writing the 4th edition when he was met with and untimely death. Dr. Bridges was Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine and Lecturer in Therapeutics and Nutrition, New York Post-graduate Medical School of Columbia University. Director of Medicine, Detention, Rikers Island and West Side hospitals, New York; Consulting Physician, Seaview Hospital Staten Island, New York. Just from that alone I can tell the volume is going to be chock full of epidemiological research, lol.

Here is the JAMA abstract on the text: