Weekly Weigh-in Wedneday

I’m on the road this week at the Bullhead City River Regatta, food and an accurate scale pose a challenge.


Starting Weight:    240 lbs. (August, 1 2012)

Current Weight:    235.4 lbs. (August 8, 2012)

Loss of another 5 lbs.!!!!  I surpassed my mini goal

Yes, the scale says I lost another five pounds, however, it’s not my scale and I’m bit skeptical. The only confirmation for the weigh loss it my daily intake. I’ve been keeping with in my 1280 calorie limit for the last few days. My body is adjusting to this new level and is actually signaling me when I’m full. When I’m dining out I end up leaving half a plate of food. 😦 Why do they have to serve such big plates of food?  I know, I know…I’ve seen the movie Supersize Me. There’s documentary that will change your mind about fast food.

When I’m out with my daughter I try to split a plate so nothing goes to waste.

Mini-goal: 232 lbs for next week. As you know I posted last week that I broke the 30 lb gravel ball, still no update as to it’s health status, LOL. This week I will most likely be tugging and hauling my parent’s Seadoo and Shuttle in the river, plus 115 degree heat will be a workout in itself.


Food Adjuncts: Chocolate and Cocoa

My Grandma and See’s candy,  now, there’s a duo. Every time we went to the mall, we would stop at See’s, get our sample and a few additional pieces – Boudreaux, mostly. My grandmother’s passion for that powerful Aztec elixir of wonder and ecstasy surpassed Dr. Bridges’ admonitions.

What could Dr. Bridges be talking about?

Theobromine, C7H8N4O2 is found in many other foods including tea, and kola nut. Moreover, has similar attribute as caffeine. Theobromine is derived from the Greek theo (God) and brosi (food) meaning “food of the god’s”,  -ine to denotes alkaloid. Maybe the Aztecs were on to something…?

The American journal of Clinical Nutrition and Hershey’s Nutrition and Wellness cite that the therapeutic use of theobromine as diuretic, a vasodilator, and stimulant of the central nervous system by increasing the heartbeat.

As for antioxidants,…the amount of bioavailable flavanol antioxidants in 2 tablespoons of natural cocoa is more than 3 ½ cups of green tea, ¾ cup of blueberries, and 1 1/3 glasses of red wine.  All that in 2 tiny squares of dark chocolate!!! Sweet!!! See’s Candy the “Happy and Healthy Habit” (Well…in moderation)

Internal and Eternal Struggles of a Food Junkie

According to MyFitnessPal, my caloric intake for a sedentary day is 1280. How this all breaks down in to meals and snacks doesn’t really matter to me. What does matter is the fact that by 3PM today, I was left with 307 calories and maxed out my daily protein intake!!!! Stomach rumbles. Panic ensues. What AM I going to eat? Like a junkie, I take inventory of possibilities. The weight must come off. Muttering to myself, “this is what I get for not working out today”. I did do some strength training, entered it in my MyFitnessPal, but didn’t get caloric credit. Muscle recovery (calories used to repair muscle tissue) spans over days and is imprecise.  307, for dinner, that’s it! Doesn’t leave much options; vegetables – a salad, that will work. Now here I sit, three hours until a possible bedtime, knowing that I could be wake until midnight trying to relax my mind. Yep…Food Junkie.

Personal History

After originally starting this blog as an information forum I startled looking around a found a lot of people use blogs to journal their weight loss and have accountability. Losing 100Lbs really inspired me.

This weight loss journey started back in middle of April when I had lunch with an boyfriend (now married, happily, yay) from 20 years ago. He aged a little but was in good shape, with good cause, he’s a lifeguard for a lake up north in LA County. Me…on the other hand…not so much.  I was ashamed of my body. Having survived 2 divorces, 2 pregnancies, 2 corporate downsizing’s, a cash for key-offer while I was renting, a death of a close relative, transfer to a 4 yr college,  and raising 2 kids – all had taken a toll and I had gained 100 lbs in the last 12 years. As a Health Science major I should know better than to gain all this weight, there is no justifying it. When I started back to college  in 2008,  after corporate downsizing I decided  to finally finish my degree. I had to pick a major and originally wanted to become an Executive Chef then it evolved into a Food Technology Science, then finally Nutrition/Dietetics. As it turns out my grandmother a dietitian and lecturer at UC Davis. But those were the days of galvanized egg hockey pucks and cremated steak. I certainly try not to cook like that-I’ve got Foodnetwork as my inspiration and education.

Anyway, the year before my transfer to a 4 yr college, I had made progress at getting down to 220 lbs and maintaining it with weight training and Tae Kwon Do, then I dislocated my Sacroilliac Joint and inflamed my sciatic nerve (Pyriformis Syndrome) – it just went all downhill from there. So why am I losing weight? 1)  Because I need do it for my health 2)  it’s looks pretty hypocritical to be overweight and a Health Science Professional.