Tweaks and Adjustments

I was reviewing my nutrient intake for this week thus far; I’m doing relatively ok, with one exception. My sodium and potassium ratio is off. Naturally!!! As I look at my swollen feet and ankles and wonder what the…? A number of factors come to mind, the weather, PMS, and then it dawns on me – that concept of the “Circle of Life” from my physiology class. “For every sodium flowing in the cell requires three potassium going out”. Yay, I have hypotonic ECF (extracellular fluid)!!! Something short of cramming my feet into my pair of  Asics, lacing them up, and forcing the fluid to my ankles, I need to find some super foods of potassium to balance these two ions out. Researching…the natural answer would be bananas, they have 400 mg of K, but 14.4g of sugar. Not a solution. A quick Google search yielded sweet potatoes, orange juice, beet greens, potatoes, white beans, dates, yogurt, tomatoes, raisins and clams. Hmmm… Most of these have high sugar content. From this list, it looks like my only sources are sweet potatoes, potatoes, beet greens, white beans, and tomatoes.