Weekly Weigh-in Wednesday

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to update you on my progress.  I’ve been waylaid with a cold/allergies for the last three weeks. At least, I’m over the sore throat. Anywhoo! I’ve been staying stable hoovering around 230lbs. Thus far I have lost 20lbs. Aside from the having a cold, I’ve been job hunting and landed a position in the upper Mid West. So I will be busying packing up house and moving for the next 30 to 45 days and won’t be posting much. Once I’m established and settled I will return to posting and maybe I will have lost 15 more lbs. That would be nice. I know my house will be losing some weight from decluttering. LOL


It’s about healthy weight, not the dimensions.

Thirty-six 24 Thirty-Six

Elle Says:

The title for this blog is – obviously – ironic.  In documenting our weight loss journeys, we want to discuss false ideals of body image and how they have affected our own weight struggles. In no way do we believe that the “ideal” woman has bust, waist, and hip measurements of 36-24-36.


Not even two of our most famous icons of beauty had those measurements.  Audrey Hepburn (love her), of classic-beauty, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and strange-accent fame, was a 31.5-22-31.  Tiny, yes, but she had her own weight issues; before she was famous and was working as a dancer after the war, she struggled with overeating.  Who knew?  Marilyn Monroe, on the other hand, of Kennedy, Playboy, and bombshell fame, was supposedly a 36-24-34.  Smaller than you thought still, huh?

Daniel Akst published an article* in the Summer 2005 Wilson Quarterly that investigated evolutionary and…

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Weekly Weigh-in Wednesday

I meet with my personal trainer today for my weekly medieval torture/butt kicking and he is expecting results…so here are the numbers:

Starting Weight:    245 lbs. (July 27, 2012)

Current Weight:    240 lbs. (August 1, 2012)

Loss of 5 lbs.!!!!

Mini-goal: 237lbs for next week. I will update my measurements at the end of the month, although I can tell clothes are beginning to feel loose. This news I’m sure my trainer will suggest “flipping tractor tires” across the gym or maybe even more squats while bear hugging a 40lbs sandbag nick named “Major General Parks”!!! (It’s even dressed in a camouflage duffel, too) Oh, how I dislike “Parks”, by the time I’m done doing the second set of squats I’m ready to chuck it. Either way, I’m bound to be crawling to my car.

First Post

Hi all and welcome to my blog! I am a single mom of two very active kids and finished my Kinesiology- Health Science bachelors. My focus was in nutrition, wellness, and public health. I stumbled into this field through my daughter; she  was diagnosed with ADHD. With that, I researched ways to augment the benefits my daughter’s treatment plan through nutrition. Reading up on the nutrition demands of the ADHD brain and how it differs from others. By the time I had to pick a major it was a “no brainer”, Health Science. The title of this blog is a take on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, “Joy and Temperance and Repose, slam the door on the doctor’s nose.”  😀

The content of this blog will be on nutrition, wellness, and anything in between with an educated consumer’s perspective.  With that in mind, it’s my hope that you will find a” like-minded” voice (or NOT) on some the common issues regarding health and nutrition. I plan to post weekly articles, as things progress I may post more if time allows. If there is a subject that you wish to know more information about I will be happy to research and post my take on the topic. Ideas and topics are welcome, it is my wish to have topics of interest and not recycle the information that is already out there. As for ways to contact me, I’m still debating… Thank you  for stopping by.