About Jen

Hi, I’m Jen, just in case I didn’t say it before. As I stated in my post I’m a single mom of two kids, ages 8 and 13…I’m crossing into my 40’s but you wouldn’t know if my looking at me. I live in the San Diego area and a very grateful for the Mediterranean climate after living in various parts of the country. Although there are times I miss the snow and thunderstorms of the Midwest and it’s stoicism.

I enjoy hiking, reading, genealogy, and knitting, although I haven’t picked up a set of knitting needles in two years. Note to self…Start knitting again. LOL.

Other interests…MAKEUP…I’m a chronic YouTube Makeup Guru Junkie. Some of my favorites are: Lisa Eldridge, Tammy from Uppiesbeads59, and Pixiewoo (Sam and Nic).  Tammy’s channel is a cross between beauty and nutrition, it’s very informative. Oh and I can’t forget Temptalia, she has a blog aside from the YT channel.


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