Weekly Weigh-in Wednesday

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to update you on my progress.  I’ve been waylaid with a cold/allergies for the last three weeks. At least, I’m over the sore throat. Anywhoo! I’ve been staying stable hoovering around 230lbs. Thus far I have lost 20lbs. Aside from the having a cold, I’ve been job hunting and landed a position in the upper Mid West. So I will be busying packing up house and moving for the next 30 to 45 days and won’t be posting much. Once I’m established and settled I will return to posting and maybe I will have lost 15 more lbs. That would be nice. I know my house will be losing some weight from decluttering. LOL


A Very Belated Weekly Weigh-in Wednesday

I’m sorry this very late post.  Research papers, marketing analysis project, job hunting, back to school days, and other parental issues, before I knew it a month went by. Not to fear, I’ve kept up with my diet but haven’t been to the gym in a month…I’m sure my trainer is thinking I quit.  So to catch up on a few things I started on this blog, here’s the update – I cancelled my CSA Subscription simply because of the quality I got.  I guess I’m really that tactile and kinetic and have to pick out my produce myself.

So here’s the progress summed up:

8-22:  237.6 lbs.

8-29:  237.2 lbs.

9-5:    235.8 lbs.

9-7:    233.8 lbs.  BMI 37.7

Mini for the week…hmmm…I think I already met it by reaching 233.8lbs. So I weigh in next week and go from there.


Starting: 250 Lbs BMI: 43 (April 17, 2012)

Current: 233.8 Lbs BMI: 37.7 (Sept 7,2012)

Target: 150 lbs.

Total weight lost: 16 lbs.



Height: 5’6″(Constant)

Neck:  (Sept. 7,2012) 16.15″

Bust: (Sept 7, 2012) 49.25″

Waist: (Sept 7,2012) 45.5″

Hips” (Sept. 7,2012) 49.25″

Thigh: (Sept. 7,2012) 26′

Calf: (Sept. 7, 2012) 17″

Biceps: (Sept. 7, 2012) 14.5″

Forearm: (Sept. 7, 2012) 11.15″


Pant Size (Starting) 20WP

Blouse Size: (Sept. 7, 2012) 18W

Blazer Size: (Sept. 7, 2012) 16W

T-Shirt Size: (Sept. 7, 2012) XXL

Bra Size: (Sept. 7, 2012) ??

Total Loss of 5.60″!!!!!

What I’ve been loving…

Parmesan Crisps!!!

A friend of mine introduced me to this new little snack, chip, biscuit, whatever…I love these!!! Lacy goodness!!! The grown up version of goldfish crackers. Yeah, I tried to pass these off on my 8yr old- No dice.  You can eat them by themselves or with a a cup of tomato soup with dill and a slice of sourdough. Ahh, heaven!!! Granted its the middle of summer and this would be an idea meal on a cold rainy SoCal day. I look inf the internet to find the recipe and ther are serveral variations, so I just improvised.


3/4 cup  shredded Parmesan cheese (preferably Parmigiano-Reggiano), I’ve use Mozzarella but prefer Parmesan

1 tsp of Italian Seasoning Blend Herbs


Preheat oven to 350°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a small bowl stir together Parmesan and Italian Seasoning blend. On prepared baking sheet spoon level tablespoons of mixture in mounds 4 inches apart and spread mounds gently into 3 1/2-inch-longrounds. Bake crisps in middle of oven until golden, 8 to 10 minutes, or until golden brown. Cool crisps completely on baking sheet and remove carefully with a metal spatula.