Personal History

After originally starting this blog as an information forum I startled looking around a found a lot of people use blogs to journal their weight loss and have accountability. Losing 100Lbs really inspired me.

This weight loss journey started back in middle of April when I had lunch with an boyfriend (now married, happily, yay) from 20 years ago. He aged a little but was in good shape, with good cause, he’s a lifeguard for a lake up north in LA County. Me…on the other hand…not so much.  I was ashamed of my body. Having survived 2 divorces, 2 pregnancies, 2 corporate downsizing’s, a cash for key-offer while I was renting, a death of a close relative, transfer to a 4 yr college,  and raising 2 kids – all had taken a toll and I had gained 100 lbs in the last 12 years. As a Health Science major I should know better than to gain all this weight, there is no justifying it. When I started back to college  in 2008,  after corporate downsizing I decided  to finally finish my degree. I had to pick a major and originally wanted to become an Executive Chef then it evolved into a Food Technology Science, then finally Nutrition/Dietetics. As it turns out my grandmother a dietitian and lecturer at UC Davis. But those were the days of galvanized egg hockey pucks and cremated steak. I certainly try not to cook like that-I’ve got Foodnetwork as my inspiration and education.

Anyway, the year before my transfer to a 4 yr college, I had made progress at getting down to 220 lbs and maintaining it with weight training and Tae Kwon Do, then I dislocated my Sacroilliac Joint and inflamed my sciatic nerve (Pyriformis Syndrome) – it just went all downhill from there. So why am I losing weight? 1)  Because I need do it for my health 2)  it’s looks pretty hypocritical to be overweight and a Health Science Professional.


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